Upcoming Programs
Term 1 - 2024
Volunteer Management
In this course participants will gain insight and understanding of volunteer management, beginning with developing the volunteer job description, recruitment, followed by training, the volunteer as well as evaluating their performance and their fit for the role within the organization.
Reviving your Journey with God 2024
This course helps us understand what it means to be created in the image of God with a soul to relate, a mind to think and a will to choose and how this impacts the people we service. This course also provides practical tools to help us evaluate our self so we can mature spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically under the guidance of the Word and the Holy Spirit and incorporate this into our journey with God.
Term 2 - 2024
Strategic Thinking (WHAT IF: Strategic Intuition)
Strategic thinking is the ability to think on both a big and small scale. Participants will gain an understanding of the decision-making process, their own cognitive biases and how to leverage strategic thinking to increase their decision-making efficacy.
Missions: The Sending Church
Delve into vital tools that empower the church to fulfill its mission and calling, broadening participants' perspectives on the great commission. Gain profound insights into seamlessly integrating the church into society and expanding its global outreach for transformation.
Coaching for Success
Successful leaders develop their team members to become better versions of themselves, achieving personal growth, and giving their best to their organizations. Many leaders fail to coach for different reasons, among which the lack of the “know-how” of coaching. This workshop is designed to help you understand the barriers you have as leader, as well as provide you with a simple and structured approach to effective coaching.
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