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Organizational Operations Track

Organizational Operations Track (OOT) focuses on an organizations mission, vision and day-to-day activities, goals, and objectives to achieve greater Kingdom impact.

Digital Society Track

Digital Society Track (DST) works with organizations to adopt, integrate, and leverage innovative and up-to-date digital tools to accelerate the Gospel.

Societial Transformation Track

Societal Transformation Track (STT) focuses on transforming a society’s challenges into opportunities through the power of the Gospel.

Term 2 - 2023
The Road to Mature Christian Leadership
In this course, we will unpack what it means to be a balanced, emotionally and spiritually, mature leader. Participants will also learn and explore practical ways of applying Jesus-way in their personal lives and their ministry.
Strategic Execution
THIS COURSE IS BY INVITATION ONLY! Strategic thinking is the ability to think on both a big and small scale. Participants will gain an understanding into the decision-making process, their own cognitive biases and how to leverage strategic thinking to increase their decision-making efficacy.
Understanding and Ministering to Refugee
This course will help Christian leaders understand the complex needs and challenges faced by refugees and consider how to engage in a way that is sustainable, ethical, faithful to Christian belief and practice, and truly helpful in their unique context.
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