Upcoming Programs
Term 4 - 2024
Building Financial Capacity - Financial Planning
Building your financial capacity is crucial for enhancing the overall capacity of your organization. In this course, we will focus on the essential aspects of financial planning. You will learn the fundamentals of budgeting, including how to create, manage, and report budgets effectively. Our goal is to equip you with a powerful planning tool that will strengthen your organization's financial health and contribute to its success
The Power of Knowledge: How to use Market Research to Improve your Ministry
In this course participants will understand what and how market research can improve their ministry. Participants will also engage in a case study focused on a market research project that was executed for a Christian organization, and the merits that this organization realized through applying this reports' recommendations.
Term 5 - 2024
Understanding Religions of the MENA 2024
This course focuses on understanding the dominant religion of the MENA and how to minister to the people of the region. In addition participants will learn the skills to develop disicipleship programs for Christians coming from a non-Christian background.
Workplace Theology
In this course, participants will understand the biblical view of work and how our work can become a platform for ministry.
Human Capital (for Executives) 2024
In this two session intensive workshop Senior Executives will focus on pressing Human Resource issues facing organizations. Participants will leave the course with practical strategies to address these pressing issues.
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